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新版低成本超小体积多频彩显信号源,10种高精度信号,均可在不同分辩率下输出。 New low-cost ultra-small volume multi-frequency color display signal source, 10 kinds of high-precision signals, may under different-resolution output. 以其超小的体积和易用性成为用户不可缺少的必备工具,解决您的大问题! Its small size and ease of use become an indispensable tool for users indispensable to solve your problem!

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 Computer Interface Digital Multimeter also DIY !


High voltage input DC-DC buck converter

  Digital multimeter with computer interface in general prices are high.  Rarely have the majority of enthusiasts.  In fact, the technology is not complicated, read this article, you will feel a refreshing feeling.

* Provide detailed information and AVRMCU of the source.


  Common DC-DC applications are mostly for low-Vin / Vout voltage (below 30V-40V).  The case for higher input voltage is very rare, this paper introduces a kind of TL494 is the controller can work in 60V input of the buck converter.


Self-made "Little Dot" high-fidelity headphone amplifier


12V7AH lead-acid battery charger

  Details of the owners made this "small non-point amp" process, using dedicated IC (max4410), sound quality, high signal to noise ratio.  Chip Price only $ 0.95.   Is even more incredible is that her power as long as the two 1.5V batteries on OK! ... ... (More chart)


www.5iediy.com - I love electronics production network - 12V7AH lead-acid battery charger Using the new chip switching power supply chip TNY255, the use of small components, small size, high efficiency, while the costs are quite ordinary charger.

Super modified - hot air gun with adjustable wind   An analog LCD driver board production instance

Adjustable wind hot air gun No longer an ordinary blowing hot air gun welding SMD chip components to worry about being blown away. Through this modification it can be directly comparable to a professional hot air gun. Easy to start.

  This is a special chip LA7688 using television interface board design, the circuit is simple and easy system.

  Has been used for Sharp 7 inch analog LCD screen (model: LQ070T3AG02), good effect.

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Low-cost ultra-compact multi-frequency color monitor signal source  

 The product is a compact and easy to use multi-frequency color display signal source to produce 10 kinds of high-performance single chip high-precision tests of different-resolution signals can be output at all resolutions for all test signals!



Applicable to:

  • Maintenance units for color display, such as the use of mainframe computers as a signal source, easy to damage the card, and in the maintenance operation is also very inconvenient.

  • Test with the PC-monitor, the switch more strenuous resolution and refresh rate, use of this product, just press the button easily, you can switch quickly.

  • Sales for the color display company, second-hand monitor turnover, quick detection of color display is normal.



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