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  Application Notes:
All application notes for AVR product family can be downloaded at

文件名 功 能 简 介 更新时间(月/年)
AVR000 Register and Bit-Name Definitions for the AVR Microcontroller 4/98
AVR001 Conditional Assembly and Portability Macros 2/04
AVR030 Getting Started with IAR Embedded Workbench for Atmel AVR 10/04
AVR031 Getting Started with ImageCraft C for AVR 5/02
AVR032 Linker Command Files for the IAR ICCA90 Compiler 5/02
AVR033 Getting Start with the CodeVision AVR C Compiler 5/02
AVR034 Mixing C and Assembly Code with AVR Embedded Workbench for AVR 4/03
AVR035 Efficient C Coding for AVR 1/04
AVR040 EMC Design Considerations 1/04
AVR042 AVR Hardware Design Considerations 1/04
AVR053 Calibration of the Internal RC Oscillator 9/04
AVR054 Run-time calibration of the internal RC oscillator 9/04
AVR061 STK500 Protocol 4/03
AVR064 STK502 – A Temperature Monitoring System with LCD Output 2/03
AVR065 LCD Driver for the STK502 1/04
AVR070 Modifying AT90ICEPRO to Support Emulation of AT90 5/02
AVR072 Accessing 16-bit I/O Registers 5/02
AVR074 Upgrading AT90ICEPRO to ICE10 5/02
AVR080 ATmega103 Replaced by ATmega128 1/04
AVR081 Replacing AT90S4433 by ATmega8 7/03
AVR082 Replacing ATmega161 by ATmega162 1/04
AVR083 Replacing ATmega163 by ATmega16 1/04
AVR084 Replacing ATmega323 by ATmega32 7/03
AVR085 Replacing AT90S8515 by ATmega8515 1/04
AVR086 Replacing AT90S8535 by ATmega8535 7/03
AVR087 Migrating between ATmega8515 and ATmega162 7/03
AVR088 Migrating between ATmega8535 and ATmega16 1/04
AVR089 Migrating between ATmega16 and ATmega32 6/03
AVR090 Migrating between ATmega64 and ATmega128 6/03
AVR091 Replacing AT90S2313 by ATtiny2313 10/03
AVR092 Replacing ATtiny11/12 by ATtiny13 10/03
AVR093 Replacing AT90S1200 by ATtiny2313 10/03
AVR094 Replacing ATmega8 by ATmega88 2/04
AVR095 Migrating between ATmega48, ATmega88 and ATmega168 2/04
AVR096 Migrating from ATmega128 to AT90CAN128 3/04
AVR097 Migration between ATmega128 and ATmega2561 11/04
AVR098 Migration between ATmega169 and ATmega329 11/04
AVR099 Replacing AT90S4433 by ATmega48 9/04
AVR100 Accessing the EEPROM 12/98
AVR101 High Endurance EEPROM Storage 9/02
AVR102 Block Routines 5/02
AVR104 Buffered Interrupt Controlled EEPROM Writes 7/03
AVR105 Power Efficient High Endurance Parameter Storage in Flash Memory 9/03
AVR106 C functions for reading and writing to Flash memory 9/04
AVR108 Setup and Use of the LPM Instructions 5/02
AVR109 Self-programming 6/04
AVR120 Characterization and Calibration of the ADC on an AVR 5/04
AVR128 Setup and Use the Analog Comparator 5/02
AVR130 Setup and use the AVR Timers 2/02
AVR131 Using the AVR’s High-speed PWM 9/03
AVR132 Using the Enhanced Watchdog Timer 11/03
AVR133 Long Delay Generation Using the AVR Microcontroller 2/04
AVR134 Real-Time Clock using the Asynchronous Timer 1/04
AVR151 Setup and use of the SPI 11/04
AVR180 External Brown-Out Protection 5/02
AVR182 Zero Cross Detector 1/04
AVR200 Multiply and Divide Routines 10/98
AVR201 Using the AVR Hardware Multiplier 6/02
AVR202 16-Bit Arithmetic 5/02
AVR204 BCD Arithmetic 1/03
AVR220 Bubble Sort 5/02
AVR222 8-Point Moving Average Filter 5/02
AVR223 Digital Filters with AVR 9/02
AVR230 DES Bootloader 10/04
AVR236 CRC Check of Program Memory 5/02
AVR240 4x4 Keypad-Wake Up on Keypress 8/03
AVR241 Direct driving of LCD display using general I/O 5/04
AVR242 8-bit Microcontroller Multiplexing LED Drive & a 4x4 Keypad 5/02
AVR243 Matrix Keyboard Decoder 1/03
AVR244 UART as ANSI Terminal Interface 11/03
AVR300 Software I2C Master Interface 5/02
AVR301 C Code for Interfacing AVR to AT17CXX FPGA Configuration Memory 1/04
AVR302 Software I2C Slave Implementation 5/02
AVR304 Half Duplex Interrupt Driven Software UART 8/97
AVR305 Half Duplex Compact Software UART 9/97
AVR306 Using the AVR UART in C 7/02
AVR307 Half Duplex UART Using the USI Module 10/03
AVR308 Software LIN Slave 5/02
AVR310 Using the USI Module as a I2C Master 9/04
AVR311 Using the TWI Module as a I2C Slave 10/04
AVR312 Using the USI Module as a I2C Slave 10/04
AVR313 Interfacing the PCAT Keyboard 5/02
AVR314 DTMF Generator 5/02
AVR315 Using the TWI Module as a I2C Master 10/04
AVR317 Using the USART on the ATmega48/88/168 as a SPI master 11/04
AVR318 Dallas 1-Wire Master 10/04
AVR319 Using the USI module for SPI communication 11/04
AVR320 Software SPI Master 5/02
AVR325 High-Speed Interface to Host EPP Parallel Port 2/02
AVR335 Digital Sound Recorder with AVR and Serial Data Flash 1/04
AVR336 ADPCM Decoder 1/05
AVR350 XmodemCRC Receive Utility for AVR 5/02
AVR360 Step Motor Controller 4/03
AVR400 Low Cost A/D Converter 5/02
AVR401 8-Bit Precision A/D Converter 2/03
AVR410 RC5 IR Remote Control Receiver 5/02
AVR415 RC5 IR Remote Control Transmitter 5/03
AVR450 Battery Charger for SLA, NiCd, NiMH and Li-ion Batteries 11/02
AVR460 Embedded Web Server 5/02
AVR461 Quick Start Guide for the Embedded Internet Toolkit 5/02
AVR462 Reducing the Power Consumption of ATEIT1 3/02
AVR500 Migration between ATmega64 and ATmega645 9/04
AVR502 Migration between ATmega165 and ATmega325 11/04
AVR910 In-System Programming 11/00
AVR911 AVR Open-source Programmer 7/04


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